The places I’ve lived

In my Bostonography class during the Spring 2019 semester, we were tasked with drawing our mental map of Boston. I had a fun time making a very detailed map of how I see Boston, and have since been inspired to make a map of each place I have lived in throughout college/onwards (maybe I’ll do one of where I grew up but it’s not that exciting lol). I thought it would be cool to write a little piece as well to put to words many of the thoughts I’ve had about them as places themselves.

  1. Philadelphia/Suburbs — my hometown. Growing up here has been pleasant; we live in a suburb about 40 mins from the heart of Philly. Looking back, there really isn’t that much to do in the area, and much of my childhood was filled with family activities as well as our indian community of friends in the area. We used to visit Philly every so often to see the historical landmarks as well as the Academy of Natural Sciences (we used to call it the dinosaur museum) and the Ben Franklin Institute. We were born bleeding green and are die hard Eagles fans so we definitely have our connections to the city. It’s got a lot of spirit and charm, as it is one of the oldest cities in our country and still emanates the old charm.
  2. Boston — college!!!! Boston is a fantastic place for college. It has 57 schools in such a small square area meaning that the crowd is very young, fresh, and fun. As a big history buff, I have felt very connected to America’s origins being in the city, and the brick buildings and roads only make it better. There are so many things to do in the city and it is very easy to get around (especially with a bike 😉). When I was tasked with making the mental map, I was able to put together how many different places I’ve explored and how they have all stuck with me through various memories. I made another map for my best friend documenting all our adventures around the city and that was very sentimental and nostalgic. The city is a great size for me and has a lot of personality and spirit in its various neighborhoods. It is a beautiful place throughout all seasons and I would love to be able to live downtown and experience it from a different lens.
  3. Edinburgh — study abroad! I studied abroad in Edinburgh Spring 2018 and had a phenomenal time in the city and exploring Europe. Edinburgh is the stunning capital of Scotland and has history dating back many centuries. Everyone warned me of the weather when I was preparing to go, and I would say that you could experience every type of weather while there. I remember a day when it was around 40 deg and cold and rainy, but a few minutes later it started snowing and then just a few minutes after that it was back to rain. And it was probably pretty warm and sunny earlier that day. Regardless, the city is gorgeous: stone makes up all the buildings there and its got a sort of gloomy vibe/colorscheme to it, which makes it more charming. You can find food everywhere from all different cultures, scots running around Cowgate after a night out, trivia buffs (me) hitting up the bars every night, bagpipers playing at the top of Arthur’s Peak (no sword in the stone), students hanging out at the various bars in Teviot: the University of Edinburgh’s student center, locals dancing to celidh music, and of course, people sipping on scotch throughout old town, new town, the highlands, the lowlands, you name it.
  • San Diego — my final coop at Intuit. A little slice of heaven located on the southwest corner of the United States. A city spanning some of the most incredible beaches with clear blue water, soft sand, perfect beach breaking waves, palm trees of all sizes, and sunsets that melt into the water. I had a thrilling experience adopting the southern CA lifestyle: surfing for a few hours, throwing on my rainbows and then heading to a local mom and pop Mexican place and downing a fat burrito or a few tacos. Or hanging under the sun for a few hours playing volleyball with coworkers….and then throwing on the rainbows and cranking out work. I think honestly I spent a majority of my time doing this, and I took some time to explore the city itself every so often. San Diego is huge!!! I lived about 20 mi from the canonical downtown area, but there are many little neighborhoods that made up the city and each had their own sort of twist (and phenomenal Mexican food) on the beachy vibe that is the spirit of San Diego. It’s the most recent place I’ve lived and I currently miss participating in taco tuesday and watching the sun sink into the ocean as I ride waves to the shore, but maybe I’ll be back…

I am going back for another semester in Boston and then not sure where I will be! As much as I loved my time in San Diego, I felt my heart throbbing for the east coast and its dense cities full of history. Guess only time will tell..



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