The Food Network Series

Ashna Shah
3 min readMar 19, 2020

My brother, dad, and I were what you would call ~ big fans ~ of the so called Food Network. Specifically: the show called The Food Network Star and Worst Cooks in America. Kind of opposite shows as the former is where people compete to HAVE THEIR OWN DANG SHOW on the network and the latter, is kinda obvious. The worst cooks in America come together and compete to become the least worst cook out of the group. I don’t think they watch as much anymore but I am still a fiend for the Food Network Star if it ever airs again.

An important part of the shows that we have learned is that describing your food is suuuuper important. You have to not only describe each thing you taste, but also have to tell a story so your viewers are enticed. The story is a hook, it makes you more personal and provide a connection to your audience and your food. To top it off you describe all the wonderful flavors you find in your food. You ALWAYS need to take a bite and make sure you describe what you taste to the audience to really get them ready to eat.

Sooooooooo, I sent my brother 2 descriptions of the same meal that I had for lunch the past 2 days: egg over-easy on a toasted bagel with cheese, tomato, and avocado. Basically an open faced breakfast sandwich I kind of want to make a lil more descriptions of my meals so stay tuned.

Day 1:

My brother: “Ooh that looks pretty dope…describe it like it’s food network”

Here goes: Here we have a bagel, toasted until it is a beautiful golden brown. There is a simple avocado spread created by slicing avocados which provides the base for an egg slowly cooked to prevent any burnt edges. The egg was flipped so as to place it on the dish over easy. It is topped with a few juicy cherry tomatoes, Mexican style cheddar cheese that slowly melts over the eggs with each bite, a flavorful 21 seasoning salute from Trader Joe’s and a drizzle of chipotle mayo for a slight kick

Bon appetit!

Commentary from my brother: “you didn’t tell a story shame…You can’t relate to it therefore it’s just a generic dish with no intrinsic value to your identity as a chef…solid description tho lol”

So ok day 2 went like this:

This dish was inspired by my family and my college friends. Growing up, one weekend morning would be omelette morning! My dad would make us fluffy egg white omelettes filled with cheese, tomatoes, peppers (I didn’t really like them as a kid so i stayed simple with mozzarella cheese and tomato) and various seasonings. I believe the brand was Mrs. Dash. Dunno who she is. Sometimes my mom would cook me eggs over easy instead for a bit of a change of pace. Regardless, cooking eggs was always an exciting breakfast and I wanted to continue that in college. However, as I would sometimes take my breakfast to go, I could not prepare an omelette. I loved bagels so I thought why not combine the two? I’ve had breakfast sandwiches before and thought it would be the perfect opportunity for me to experiment with them. I knew only of the egg cheese and tomato combo, but my friends who introduced me to the wonders of avocado inspired me to slice them up and use them as a base layer for the sandwiches. In current times I am no longer constantly on the go, so I have prepared open faced bagel egg and cheese sandwiches. Same as yesterday they have eggs cooked over easy with yolk oozing out with every bite, cheese melting as you eat, topped with tomatoes, seasonings and chipotle mayo. Enjoy!

His commentary: “Same meal great presentation”

Much better.