My bike ❤

A few days ago my bike got stolen. I have this gate that leads to the back patio where I would keep my bike. I honestly thought it might’ve been better inside but I trusted some things and my environment and decided to just leave it outside. I had locked it up a few times outside but this time I had not. At around 5am some meanie came by and made his way thru the not locked gate (it has a lock now) and got the bike and took it all the way thru the overgrown plants and is now the owner of my precious bike. I dislike that person :( I filed a police report and the cop came over and told me that while I’m living in a good area, bike theft is thru the roof and she wasn’t surprised that happened (especially since I did not have it locked which makes me feel kinda dumb now bc I was always so careful about it lol).

I’m pretty sad and angry at this person for taking this bike that I was always excited to ride, the bike that took many trips up mission hill which made for a great talking point (I’m pretty sure I talked about it nonstop lol), the bike that got me to class in record time, the bike that got me home in a freak snowstorm that I should not have biked in lol, the bike that got me excited about biking, the bike that took numerous trips to Lamplighter (where we planned the epic Cali Road Trip on Shnu’s Bday #gangstasparadise), the bike that made me passionate about (lol Bostonography what a meme of a class), the bike that felt like a big part of the second half of college. I think I’ve been kinda sad and nostalgic lately about college ending and just growing up and random life happenings and becoming an adult but I think that’s normal!

While it kind of sucks to feel bad, it’s good to feel it out in order to move past it. I think that my feelings amplified as it feels even more real that college is over now that the bike is gone. I got really frustrated today when some stuff wasn’t working and realize I was being dramatic, but I think the underlying reason was the feelings about college and life and the lil bike snafu. But, such is life, it was a good lesson, and will be a laughable story one day.

I’m excited for life and what is to come (including a new bike hehe) and I think both me and the people in my life have good things ahead of us!! :) Enjoy some fun pics below of some good times w my bike 😜



you shnuze you luze

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