HackBeanpot 2019 -> 2020: Iterate with a purpose

I think iteration and HackBeanpot are two of my favorite words. We have iterated over SO many HBP processes this year and it’s been an eye-opening learning experience.

Things we have iterated over:

  • Fleshing out the long term vision
  • 1–1s!! checkins, creation of a solid feedback loop
  • Starting event logistics earlier
  • Longer term timelines
  • Solid team leads meetings with separate agendas
  • Brainstorming activities
  • Meaningful retros
  • Doing things with a PURPOSE
  • Managing many more responsibilities

This has made me feel like I am an exec at a company……and makes me feel like I eventually.. want to be one. I really like organizing teams and curating good experiences for them. I have realized that this is why I have taken feedback so seriously and constantly ask for it as a leader/encourage others to give it!!

Doing things with a purpose has been ingrained in my mind since we decided to embody it this year. It has stuck with me through various activities we do, ranging from something simple like limiting the absurd amount of task lists we make to figuring out the specific questions we ask people when doing a brainstorming session. Thinking about why we were doing something made us not just talk, but also walk. Sticking to this principle has helped me find direction so that we can work to achieve a common goal.

It’s sort of a chicken and egg situation but constantly iterating has provided me with more motivation/excitement to do HBP work to help improve the org, and that motivation makes me want to keep iterating…and it’s just a beautiful cycle. I like it since I don’t feel trapped where I don’t think I will ever be satisfied, but I think there are many things going well and just room to improve. The challenge is to figure out what to prioritize as we take on more responsibilities and find the balance between the rest of our lives and maintaining a fun culture on the team as well so that our core members find a fun community in the team.

On a more meta scale, I think this has been a cool challenge to have embraced the past few years as it’s helped me understand prioritization, communication, feedback, and where my strengths/weaknesses lie. I’ve applied many of these skills outside of HBP and it’s kinda scary but also feels very mature when I can do this with my personal and professional life.



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