Food Network Series: Pt. 2

Enchiladas, oh I could talk about these for days. They are my favorite food, especially when they are prepared by my mom. My mom loves to experiment with different cuisines and growing up as a vegetarian meant that Mexican food was always beans, cheese and veggies. Making enchiladas is not as simple as just tossing these ingredients together though. Taking a special trip to Trader Joe’s for enchilada sauce, mixing that with 2 other sauces, preparing a vegetable medley of corn, peppers, onion, garlic, broccoli, spinach, and whatever else you fancy, loading the tortilla with black beans seasoned with a blend of spices, and sharp cheddar cheese, and finally lathering the tortillas with the warm sauce mixture brings the dish together. After baking for 15 minutes everyone eagerly fills their plate with an enchilada and some extra sauce, chips, and sour cream to go with it. I say everyone because the enchiladas became the talk of the town. During gatherings with family friends all the kids would drool over my mom’s enchiladas and she would happily pack them some to go, pleasing the moms too. To serve so many people requires some fun tactics: my mom once cleared out all the bottles of sauce at Trader Joe’s because “[she] had to”. Enchiladas have become a way of bonding with my mom; she always makes them for me and my brother when we come back from college and packs us some to go when we go back to school. I’ve made them for my friends and now that I eat meat have tried adding ground beef as well. Honestly I still like them the most when they are vegetarian. The cheese melts beautifully on top of the iconic sauce. Each bite is filled with a soft crunch from the bell peppers, and then a mix of flavors swirling in your mouth coming from the beans, cheese, and other goodies inside. Having some chips and sour cream on the side provides fun toppings to enhance the experience.

I made these enchiladas with my roommates a few months ago at the beginning of the quarantine, something I’ve done a few times before. I got super excited when my roommate suggested the idea and even more pumped when he said he would be going to Trader Joe’s. I gave him the rundown and lo and behold a few hours later we had assembled a wall of non-veg enchiladas loaded with everything but the kitchen sink. We actually lined the bottom of the baking dish with a jalapeño salsa verde, giving them a nice kick. I was a happy camper that night…and when I ate leftovers….and I will be when we assemble the rest with the leftover mixture. Please go eat them, or find me and let’s make them together. You won’t be disappointed 🙃



you shnuze you luze

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